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Welcome to FabulousMP3 !


Makes your MP3/WAV files smooth and punchy

'FabulousMP3' is an MP3/WAV file converting tool with multiband compression audio processor. It can be used to create a wide variety of processing that can make the music smoother or more punchy, depending on what you would like it to do. 'FabulousMP3' can take your music MP3/WAV files and process them to get a gentle AGC action that will adjust the overall loudness of each file or you can get very aggressive. And in case you have a lot of music recordings from analog sources that dates back to the 60's or 70's, you can can reprocess that audio to get a cleaner more modern sound that will be more compatible with current recordings.

Simulates professional audio compression processor for FM broadcasting

Have you ever noticed that the sound on the FM radio has more PUNCH than the original CD recording? That's because FM stations spend a lot of money on audio processors to get that competitive sound for maximum loudness. Stations use compressors and peak limiters to tailor the sound to get the most punch from small radio speakers or headphones. Some stations use audio processors to smooth out the levels of the music to make it easier to listen for a longer period of time. FabulousMP3 simulates that compressors for FM broadcasting.

Creates a virtual listening room by 'Virtual Room' function

FabulousMP3's 'Virtual Room' function creates a realistic listening room acoustic characteristics using earphones or headphones. It simulates the interaural time difference and frequency characteristics in an acoustical space, and moves the sound image outside your head. The room size and reverberation level can be changed.

Multiband Noise Gate that reduces noise contained in analog sound sources

FabulousMP3 supports the multiband noise gate feature that reduces the hiss or white noise from analog sources such as cassette music tapes or analog records.

'ON-Air mode' can be used as a broadcast pre-processor for your station

FabulousMP3 can be used as a broadcast pre-processor to punch up a signal before it goes to the final limiter in an air chain. It is a low cost way for new Low Power FM stations to get the sound of the "big boys" at a fraction of the cost. For best performance on the air, a computer should be dedicated for exclusive use of the FabulousMP3 and placed in line before the transmitter final limiter or stereo encoder. The commercial stations in your market will wonder how your sounding just like them with your small power output!
Engineers will recognize that FabulousMP3 uses the same signal flow as some of the processors costing thousands of dollars. Using the power of your computers CPU, FabulousMP3 delivers virtually the same performance level without the expensive firmware.


Main sound processing functionality

* 6 band peak limiter/compressor to get louder sound(Adaptive automatic equalizer for every sound source)
* 2 band AGC(Automatic Gain Controller) located before the multiband limiter
* Bass parametric equalizer to give the bass sound more PUNCH
* Phase shifter to create louder bass sound
* Three mode stereo enhancer to create wider stereo image
* Bass Clipper to change the bass attack of kick drum or bass guitar
* Useful 10 factory presets and 3 programmable user's presets
* Supports Pre-emphasis and De-emphasis filters for simulating FM broadcast

Multiband Noise Gate

* Independent 6 band noise gates using gentle release time VCA
* Effective for analog sources that contains hiss noise or while noise
* Enhance silent portion when using for digital broadcasting

'Virtual Room' function

* Simulates a virtual listening room environment when using headphones
* Interaural delay time to change the angle degree of virtual stereo speakers
* Adjustable virtual listening room size and reverberation level
* Available of the 'Test Mode' to check the effect

Supported sound format

* Sampling Frequency: 32kHz/44.1kHz/48kHz
* Channel : Stereo(2ch)/Mono(1ch)
* 16bit Uncompressed digital audio format
* MP3 format ( 32-320kbps, constant bit rate only )
* Up to 2000 songs can be put into a playlist.

MP3/WAV file creation

* Creates new Mp3/WAV files processed by multiband compressor
* Converts all MP3/WAV files in the same folder at a time

Real-time processing and playing

* Processes and playsMp3/WAV file registered into the playlist
(Real-time playback requires Pentium 1GHz or higher)
* Adjustable parameters while playing the sound


* Process the analog sound signal fed into the sound interface card
* Outputs the processed sound thru the same sound interface card
* 32kHz/44.1kHz/48kHz sampling frequency selectable