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Window description

Account List

The currently enabled ( the 'main switch' in the 'Server' setting is enabled) accounts are listed on the left side of the main window. The red icon is shown on the active (connected with a mail server) account. The items of the list are:

Account: Account name set in the 'Server' setting.
Rcvd: Number of received emails.
Sent: Number of sent emails.
Filtd: Number of filtered emails.
Mbox: Total number of emails in the mailbox.
Timer: Auto connection interval time in minute.
Last Update: Last time when connecting to server successfully.
Fwd To
: Forwarding destination address.
Part Processing: ON/OFF status of the 'Part Processing' option.

Forwarding Log List

The received email history for all of enabled accounts is listed on the right side of the main window.

Size(num of emails): Status icon, total number of emails(bytes) in the mailbox.
Account: Account name.
Date: The date information of email.
Subject: The subject information of email.
From: The sender (From:) address of email.
To: The destination (To:) address of email.

The detail log information can be shown in the dialog by clicking the right mouse button.

View Switch

By pressing the 'View' button, the view structure can be changed by turns like:

1) [ Account List ] | [ Forwarding Log List ]
-> 2) [ Forwarding Log List ]
-> 3) [ Account List ]
-> ( return to the beginning )

When both Account List and Forwarding Log List are displayed, the left side window width will be adjusted automatically in accordance with the total column width from Account to Mbox.

Button Description

The buttons on the task bar are:

Button Name



Connects with servers and starts forwarding.


Disconnects from servers and goes to stopped state. After pressing the button, it may take time until the connection stops actually.


Opens the setting dialog.


Opens the account list dialog in which the account ON/OFF status can be changed. By clicking right mouse button on an account name, its setting dialog can be opened.

View Log

Launch the separate log viewing program (FwdView.exe).

Get Info

Shows the detail log information of the selected log.


Puts ForwardMail into tasktray, and hides its main window.


Switch the main window view structures by turns.