Welcome to ForwardMail !

Welcome to ForwardMail !
Main features
System requirements
How to install / uninstall programs

License Agreement

License Agreement
How to obtain the latest information or send your inquiries

Getting Started

Getting Started (How to try this program with minimal settings)


1. Server : Mailbox and forwarding address settings
2. Part Processing : Attached file stripping and HTML email processing settings
3. Filters : Filtering function settings by header information such as From, To, Cc, Date
4. Antispam / Exception : Filtering function settings for antispam and filter exception
5. Advanced Options : Advanced settings for expert users
6. Feature Phone : Message processing settings for feature phones
7. Schedule : Forwarding time settings

8. General : General options for all accounts
9. Account Management : How to import, export and manage account configurations


Window description
Button description

Importing Settings

How to import the settings from the previous version or another account version

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Link to the authors FAQ web page