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About my album

I originally started recording at home to try out my own guitar effect pedals, but over time I started having more fun making songs.

I started recording at home more than 40 years ago when I was in middle school with ping-pong recordings using two radio cassette recorders, and then when I was in college I used a 4ch cassette MTR, sequencer software (Vison) + General MIDI box.

About 20 years later, when my daughters became adults and I had more time for myself, I started writing SmoothJazz/Fusion songs again.

I am learning programming, recording, mixing, and mastering techniques, buying equipment and software little by little, and enjoying it as a hobby. Maybe it's the instinct of older people to want to master their hobbies?

Episodes of individual songs are posted on the "Home Recording Song Collection" page.

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2-01. Sweetheart

FROM SCRACH 2 (2nd album)

2-01. Sweetheart
2-02. Balloon Adventure
2-03. My First Funk
2-04. Blue Night Glass
2-05. Snow in Silence
2-06. Flowery Walk
2-07. Time Limit
2-08. Morning Glory

FROM SCRATCH (1st album)

1-01. Have a wine
1-02. Daydream
1-03. Towards Tomorrow
1-04. Merry Waltz
1-05. Good Mood
1-06. Quiet Sundown
1-07. Mico's Dance
1-08. Beyond the Sky
1-09. Happy Saturday
1-10. Lasting Memory
1-11. Thinking About You
1-12. My Delight
1-13. Midnight Rain